The Immutable Laws of Survival

Being away from my family and my country confronted me with the fact that it was in learning to survive that defined my identity. I was born in Tehran and in 2009 I moved to Germany to pursue a degree in engineering. I currently work as a design engineer at an airbag supplier company and my job is to design a reliable product that saves people during accidents. To ensure the safety, I need to document every step of the project, from the tests to the results always paying attention to small details throughout the development process.

Analyzing my brain data collection system and the documentation process in the way I do as an engineer led me to reinvestigate my own life, more consciously, this time, seeing myself as both the product and the product developer.  

Through this project, I visually documented my life and the challenges I deal with, using photography, sound, video and text. My work consists of five chapters, each represented in an installation, analyzing the relation between my past and present, my memories and my everyday life.


47609s001 - Fear [1]

[1]  Birth Certificate Number, Born on 28.Oct.1987, Tehran, Iran.

[2]  Aerial Imagery, Jan 2017, Tehran outskirts.

[3]  Short video documenting Tehran during Iran-Iraq war. 135 missiles hit Tehran from Feb to April 1988. 

[4]  The sound of airbag deployment during crash test, Feb 2017, Airbag manufacturing, Berlin.

[5]  A child occupant experiencing an accident. Screen shot from a crash test, Video Archive of an airbag manufacturer, Berlin.

[6] ‘‘Iran Population Growth Rate‘‘. Iran had the highest amount of population growth rate during Iran-Iraq war ( 1980-1988), World Bank Data, Sep 2013.









47609s002 - Hope

[7] Grandmother, born on 24.Nov.1938

[8] Minoo, born on 26.Jul.1987

[9] Me singing a traditional lullaby, Feb 2017, Berlin. 

[10] “A Family Album” 

     1984, 1977, 1979, 1993

     1996, 2000, 1990, 1990

     2001, 2003, 1989, 1991  










47609s003 - Force

[11] Newton First Law of Physics. 

[12] Graduated Students of Mahboobe Danesh High school, 2004, Tehran. Ca. 20% of them left Iran since 2005 until now.

[13] “Crash”. Screen shot from a car crash test, Video Archive of an airbag manufacturer, Berlin.








47609s004 - Stutter

[14]Family communication via IMO App. Mobile screen shot.  

[15] ’’Silence’’ , Text and Speech in Farsi.
’’Silence’’ , English Translation via Google Translate.
  ’’Silence’’ , Text in English, Text to Speech Robot.





47609s005 - Transformation

[16]  A misshaped car after experiencing accident. Camera Phone Picture. Airbag Manufacturer, Berlin.

 A misshaped car after experiencing accident,